Freight Forward - FAQ

What is Freight Forward?

A Freight Forward allows you to book courier delivery when you are not at the pick up address, using your CourierPost account.

For example you can organise a product return back to you from a customer, or send an item from one of your customers to another.


Can anyone use Freight Forward?

The Freight Forward service is available to CourierPost account customers.

Don’t have a CourierPost account? No problem, try our Send it Now service - Book, Pay and Send Online - easy.


What are the benefits of using Freight Forward?

You can:

  • Book a Freight Forward shipment which picks up from an address other than your own, and can deliver to an address other than your own.
  • Conveniently book a Freight Forward when it suits you.
  • View history of previously booked Freight Forward shipments.
  • Register your Freight Forward shipment with the Track & Trace ‘notify me’ service to obtain tracking status updates by email

That’s good because:

  • It's great for facilitating customer returns or sending items from somewhere other than your location.
  • There's no need to phone the CourierPost call centre, book at your own convenience, 24/7.
  • You can easily find and view previous shipments at your convenience.
  • There's no more checking Trace & Trace, it will do the checking for you and keep you up to date on progress.
  • You can easily share the tracking status updates with the item’s sender and/or receiver.