Send It Now FAQ

What is Send It Now and how does it work?

Send It Now is an online courier label creation tool that allows you to send an item in 5 simple steps:

  1. Enter the pick up and delivery destinations along with the weight and dimensions of the item you wish to send
  2. Receive your options
  3. Choose the sending service you require, and complete the full address details
  4. Pay online with your credit card
  5. Print your label


How do I choose the pick up or delivery address in Send It Now?

Just start typing in the first few letters of the suburb/town and your location will appear automatically in the drop down list. If your suburb/town does not appear on the drop down list, try typing in a neighbouring major suburb or town.


What is the biggest parcel I can send using Send It Now?

Maximum parcel size/weights are:

  • Maximum Length per item is 150 cm
  • Maximum Total Weight per item is 25 kg
  • Maximum Volume per item is 0.125 m3

Parcel pricing is based on the greater of actual or volumetric weight. To calculate volumetric weight (kg), measure the parcel’s height (cm) x length (cm) x thickness (cm) and multiply this by 0.0002 eg (50 x 40 x 30) x 0.0002 = 12 kg.


What’s the best way to obtain the correct dimensions and weight for Send It Now?

Make sure you’re measuring the item after it has been packed. Use centimetres (cm) for length/width/height or diameter and kilograms (kg) for weight.


What does volumetric weight mean?

Parcel pricing is based on the greater of actual or volumetric weight

Calculating the volumetric weight is detailed below:

Tube volume (cm3) = diameter (cm) x diameter (cm) x length (cm)

Box volume (cm3) = height (cm) x width (cm) x length (cm)

Example: Box dimensions = 50cm x 50cm x 40cm, actual weight = 0kg.
  1. Multiply height (cm) x width (cm) x length (cm) - e.g. 50cm x 50cm x 40cm
  2. This gives you volume in cubic centimetres (cm3) - 100,000 cm3
  3. Multiply the volume by 0.0002 - Industry standard volumetric ratio is 0.0002 kg/cm3
  4. This gives you the volumetric weight - 100,000 (cm3) x 0.0002 (kg/cm3) = 20kg

The greater of the actual or volumetric weight is used to determine the parcel pricing, in this example it is 20kg.


Are there any prohibited items I can not send using Send It Now?

Yes. Our list of prohibited items includes dangerous and fragile goods. For more information and to check if we can carry your item, please refer to our quick reference guide to common prohibited items.


How should I package my Send It Now parcel?

To ensure that your parcel arrives safely and without damage, there are a number of things you need to consider when packaging your item.

  • Internal cushioning
  • External packaging
  • Carton grades
  • Whether to have carton walls single or double strength
  • How you seal your parcel

Find out more information about our packaging guidelines.


How should I display my Send It Now label on my parcel(s)?

When the Courier arrives to pick up your parcel, they will bring with them a label with the address and parcel information you provided. An example of the parcel label is below:

You can also write the address details on the parcel yourself. Find out more about our labelling guidelines.


What happens if I need to make a claim for a Send It Now parcel?

CourierPost provides compensation cover for up to $2,000. Please refer to our guide to compensation for more details on

  • what compensation is payable for loss of or damage to an item
  • which items are not covered by compensation or cannot be sent
  • how to make a compensation claim.


What is the difference between signature required and non-signature required services?

Our Signature Required service obtains the signature of a person at the delivery address. Non-signature services do not obtain a signature on delivery, but will be left in a safe place on the property of the delivery address.


Can the receiver of a parcel organise pick up and delivery through Send It Now?

Send It Now is flexible so the person organising the delivery can be at the pick up address (the sender), at the delivery address (the recipient), or a third party.


Who pays for Send It Now parcels?

The person that books CourierPost Send It Now will pay for the service. This might be the person at the pick up address (the sender), at the delivery address (the recipient), or a third party.


What do I need to check when arranging a pick up time for my Send It Now parcel?

Please ensure someone will be at the pick up address when you select the pick up time. It may be useful to consider sending your parcel from a work address to ensure someone is available during business hours. (CourierPost couriers operate between 7.30am and 5.30pm Monday – Friday).

You have two options when selecting a pick up time with CourierPost Send It Now, either ‘as soon as possible’ or you can nominate any working day for up to a week from the booking date. (You can't book a particular time on the day you have selected.)


What do I need to check when arranging a delivery time for my Send It Now parcel?

If you have booked a signature required service please ensure someone will be available at the delivery address to sign for the parcel. It may be useful to consider sending your parcel to a work address to ensure someone is available during business hours.


How long will it take for my Send It Now parcel to get to the delivery address?

Our target delivery standards are as follows:

  • Overnight - next working day
  • Economy - 2-3 working days
  • Rural Delivery - 2-3 working days

Please note, delivery targets are a guide only and we do not guarantee that your item will reach its destination within the delivery target.


What if I am sending my Send It Now parcel to a Rural Delivery address?

Parcels to rural addresses will be passed to Rural Post for delivery. Deliveries to rural addresses have a target delivery standard of 2-3 working days.


How can I check if a delivery addresses is Rural Delivery?

Use New Zealand Post’s Address & Postcode Finder to check if an address is Rural Delivery or not.


Can I send my Send It Now parcel to a PO Box?

Yes, you can send parcels to a PO Box.


What happens if the courier arrives and my Send It Now parcel is not ready?

Please ensure you liaise with the sender prior to booking, so that the item is appropriately packaged and ready for Courier pick up at the date/time you chose. If the Courier arrives and the parcel is not ready for pick up, the Courier may return at a later time for a second pick up attempt. For details around second pick up attempt, please contact our National Contact Centre.


What happens if my Send It Now parcel has incorrect delivery details?

If the delivery Courier is unable to deliver the parcel, it will be held at the nearest CourierPost depot and the person who made the booking will be contacted to arrange for someone to collect it from the CourierPost depot.


What happens if no-one is there when the Send It Now parcel is delivered?

If a non-signature required service has been chosen and no-one is at the delivery address, our courier will leave the parcel in a safe location.

If the item is signature required, we can't deliver the item if no one is at the address to accept the delivery. If this happens, the Courier will leave a Card to Call to provide details of the attempted delivery and how the recipient can arrange to receive their item.

CourierPost will hold your parcel in the depot for 10 days after the delivery attempt.  If the recipient has not arranged redelivery, redirection or collected their item within 10 days the item may be returned to sender.


Will CourierPost pick up any parcel?

Please ensure you have checked that your parcel is suitable to send. CourierPost reserve the right to refuse acceptance of any item that is prohibited or insufficiently packaged.


How do I pay for Send It Now?

When making payments for Send It Now labels, you can pay using the following cards:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Payments are processed through a secure DPS gateway.


Why did my credit card get charged more than the quote?

If the Courier arrives to pick up the parcel and it is found that the weight and /or dimensions do not equal that provided in the Send It Now booking, your credit card will be charged for the rate appropriate to the parcel’s actual weight and dimensions, together with an administrative charge of $5.50.

Please ensure you enter the correct item dimensions and weight when booking to avoid additional charges.