Printing your labels online

We have two solutions available for printing your labels online – eShip, and the NZPost Shipping APIs. Both of these options provide the following benefits:

  • Print CourierPost domestic, Pace urgent, and NZ Post international shipping labels
  • Track all your shipments from one place
  • Automatic transmission of manifest data
  • Pay as you go – we only bill tickets we scan
  • Bulk printing
  • Have your own reference details printed on the label and available in reporting and invoicing

Which solution best suits you?


eShip is a web-based labelling application. In addition to allowing you to print labels online, eShip can integrate with popular ecommerce and customer management software to automatically import order information. This saves you time by letting you action an order in a few clicks – without needing to input customer details or order information.

Learn more about eShip.

NZ Post Shipping APIs

The Shipping APIs allow your developer to add NZ Post shipping functionality to your own software. Using the APIs you can generate shipping labels, track parcels, validate addresses, and send customer notifications – all without leaving your normal software interface. Adding these features to your software can take your developer as little as a few hours to implement.

Learn more about the NZ Post Shipping APIs.