Labelling Guideline

Follow these simple steps to label your package correctly.

Sending an item that requires signature upon delivery?

To minimise any delay or inconvenience make sure someone will be available at the recipient address to sign for the item during the day. It might be worthwhile considering checking if an alternate, e.g. work delivery address, would be suitable when sending an item.

Addresses should be bold, easy to read and accurate. You should put both the destination and the sender's address on the parcel. The destination address details should be more prominent than the sender's address.

Please address your parcels in the following format:

Mr White
Bendigo Equipment Ltd
273 Park Road
Auckland 1023

The sender's address is important if the item needs to be returned, or if the sender needs to be contacted. If you are reusing cartons, please make sure any previous address(es) are completely removed or covered.

Common things to remember when addressing:

  • Don't abbreviate any details, i.e. enter 'Street' not 'St'
  • Use dark coloured pens (black is ideal); red should not be used
  • Use a street number instead of 'Corner of...'
  • Always include a suburb as some streets pass through multiple suburbs
  • Also include a single city name, i.e. do not put Hastings/Napier or something similar

Address Finder

Use our address finder to find the address you are looking for.

If you reuse old packaging

Whenever you use old boxes that have been sent by us before, and consequently have old tickets on them, it's very important to 'void' the tickets. The best way to do this is to either remove the ticket or cover the barcode completely with a marker or address label. Simply putting a line through the barcode isn't sufficient. Not doing so can cause issue when your item is being automatically scanned.