Ticket Guidelines

Which type of tickets and how many you need depends entirely on your package’s size, destination and weight.

Before sending any package, it’s important to remember our maximum dimensions.

Maximum Length - 1.5 metres
Maximum Weight - 25kg
Maximum Volume - 0.125m3

Volumetric Pricing

Package pricing is generally based on weight. However, if the package is light and bulky it may be necessary to base the price on its size. This is called volumetric pricing. In these instances you need to calculate the chargeable weight.

You must attach tickets to cover whichever is the greater of the actual package’s weight versus the package’s volumetric weight. The maximum volumetric weight is 0.125 m3.

To find out more about Volumetric weight check out our Size/weight guide (PDF 1.8MB).

Dangerous Goods

We do carry the following Dangerous Goods:

Non Flammable Gas 2.2, Flammable liquid 3, Flammable solid 4.1, Miscellaneous substance 9, and Infectious Substances 6.2

When sending Dangerous Goods you must ensure you:

  • Have attached a Dangerous Goods identifying ticket to each package
  • Complete and attach a Dangerous Goods declaration form (available from most stationery suppliers)

By clearly identifying Dangerous Goods we can make sure that they are handled and delivered safely.

Dangerous Goods Delivery Targets

The service standard is 1-2 days for within island and 3-4 days for between islands. In most cases within island deliveries will be made the next day. However the two days allows for any problems that may arise from segregating and moving dangerous goods within our network.


You can’t send Dangerous Goods to Parcel Collect or PO Box/Private Bag addresses and there is also no Saturday delivery or Rural Delivery.