Make a Claim

COVID-19 claim timeframes update: We’ve temporarily extended the claim timeframes for those who didn’t receive items during COVID-19. Customers now have until 30th June 2020 or 21 days after sending (whichever is longer) to make a claim for items that were sent and not delivered during COVID-19 (from Tues 26th of March - start of Alert Level 4).

Due to this extension, we’re asking people not to contact us straight away - this will help us work through the backlog. We appreciate your patience. See details below.

CourierPost and Pace make every effort to ensure your courier item arrives in good condition, but unfortunately sometimes things can go wrong. This section sets out what compensation is payable for loss of, or damage to, an item, which items are not covered by compensation or cannot be sent and how to make a compensation claim.

What am I covered for?

Both CourierPost and Pace provide customers with coverage for loss or damage up to $2,000 (including GST) for each ticketed item sent with CourierPost or Pace services, subject to exclusions outlined in our Terms & Conditions.

Additional cover

We may also be able to offer additional insurance cover to existing business customers for a small charge. Speak to your CourierPost or Pace Business Manager to find out if this option is available to you.

Dangerous Goods, Fragile, Perishable and Valuable Items

There are some items that CourierPost & PACE generally does not agree to carry, these include:

  • dangerous goods, fragile items and perishable items, as set out in our Terms & Conditions;
  • valuable items as set out in our Terms & Conditions, including:
    • traveller’s cheques, vouchers, deeds, negotiable instruments (including any bearer security, bill of exchange or uncrossed cheque), bonds or shares, credit or bank cards, bullion.

However we may, in special circumstances, agree to the carriage of dangerous goods, fragile, perishable or valuable items with individual customers. Such agreements will usually have a lower compensation limit than our standard $2,000 (including GST) limit.

These agreements are only valid if they are included in your written contracts with us, or if a CourierPost or Pace authorised representative has given you written confirmation of the agreed

If we have not agreed in writing to carry fragile, perishable or valuable items for you, please do not give us such items for delivery as we will not accept any liability for them. Please remember that if any of the contents of an item are fragile, perishable or valuable, then the entire item is classified in the same way.

What am I not covered for?

There are a number of circumstances where we are not liable to pay compensation for loss of, or damage to, certain items. These include but are not restricted to:

  • Prohibited items, see our list (PDF - 1.6MB)
  • Dangerous goods
  • Fragile, perishable or valuable items (without a written agreement).
  • Inadequately packaged or incorrectly addressed items e.g. glass or bottles sent in Trackpaks
  • Illegal items
  • Items where no proof of sending can be provided
  • Items where the loss or damage is the result of your act, omission or neglect
  • Items where the loss or damage occurs after delivery
  • Items where the loss is consequential or indirect loss (for example, as a result of a delay in delivery) or loss of profits in respect of any items sent for personal or business purposes, or
  • Items where a customer makes a claim:
    • more than 10 days after delivery (or more than 7 days after delivery in the case of business customers), for damage to a delivered item or missing contents, or
    • more than 21 days after sending the item, if the claim is for non-delivery of an item
  • Items sent above compensation limit for non-business use.

How do I make a claim?

Telephone our CourierPost Customer Service Centre on 0800 268 743 or our Pace Customer Service Centre on 0800 501 502, who will lodge an investigation:

  • within 10 days after delivery (or within 7 days after delivery in the case of business customers), for damage to a delivered item or missing contents, or
  • within 21 days after sending the item, if the claim is for non-delivery of an item.

You will be asked to provide details of your claim including:

  • Tracking number or Pace job booking number.
  • The time, date and place of the courier pick-up/lodgement.
  • Sender and addressee details.

After a full investigation has been made (where required) our Claims team will contact you to further the process. If a claim for compensation is made, our Claims team will require you to complete a claim form with the following information:

  • proof of posting (invoices or receipts)
  • evidence of value of the item, (for example receipts or an independent valuation). We require independent proof of value sender’s copy of the consignment note (where applicable);
  • Bank details (on deposit slip or invoice).
  • GST number (where applicable).

The more information we receive from you, the easier it is for us to make a speedy and informed decision. So if you have any additional information that you think might help us in our decision making process.

Paying compensation

Our specialist team carefully investigates each compensation claim we receive. If we agree to accept your claim, please note that:

  • Compensation will be paid (at our discretion) for the lesser of:
    • the value, or declared value, of the item;
    • an indemnity value as determined by us; or
    • the cost of repairing the damage to the item.

(Except where we pay the cost of repairing damage to the item, compensation payments to business customers are based on the cost price of the item to the sender, not the retail price of the item.)

  • Under our current Terms and Conditions, it is the party who purchased the ticket (usually this will be the sender of the item), rather than the addressee, who is deemed to be our customer. As such, we usually pay compensation to the ticket purchaser of the item rather than the addressee.
  • If you’re claiming compensation for second hand goods that you have sold (i.e. on online auction sites), compensation will be based on the sale price.
  • If you’re claiming compensation for goods sold in a business situation, compensation payment will be based on the cost price to you, not the retail price of the item.
  • We may choose to fix or repair items, rather than pay compensation.
  • Once we’ve paid compensation for a damaged item, we may dispose of it. If we haven’t disposed of it and you want it back, you will have to refund the compensation we paid to you.
  • If we pay out compensation for a lost item, and it turns up later, it will be our property. If you want it back, you will have to refund the compensation we paid you.

Damaged items

If the item is damaged, or some of its contents have been lost, you will either need to send the damaged item and its entire packaging (as near as possible in the same condition as when they were delivered) to us, or take it in to your nearest CourierPost or Pace depot. If this is not possible, please phone CourierPost (0800 268 743) or Pace (0800 501 502) to arrange an alternative.

Wherever possible, it is important that you provide us with the contents and packaging in their original condition. If they are not available, this may adversely affect the outcome of your claim. Photographic evidence on its own may not be sufficient for us to accurately assess your claim.

We may need to retain the damaged item while we make inquiries.

These terms are to be read together with the Express Couriers Limited’s Terms and Conditions. If any of these terms conflict with the ECL terms, the ECL terms will prevail.