Secure document destruction service

Secure and confidential disposal isn’t always easy for small businesses. Small businesses usually have confidential documents that they are legally required to dispose of securely. But for small- to medium-sized businesses, or security conscious households, secure document destruction can be extremely costly, and most companies will only offer large disposal bins, which may take months to fill.

That’s why CourierPost has launched EasyShred – a secure document destruction service – created to suit small to medium businesses or households. And using EasyShred is exactly that – easy. You simply place any documents to be destroyed in a secure EasyShred bag, seal it, and hand it to your CourierPost courier. It will then be delivered to a secure facility and destroyed – simple, safe, and on demand.

Product features:

  • Item sold in packs of 3 EasyShred collection and disposal bags
  • Large 100 micron bag (estimated measurements: 850mm x 515mm)
  • Silver tamper proof security seal for extra security
  • EasyShred bags can hold up to 20kg of paper documents
  • The EasyShred bag features two holes at the top of the bag so that the bag can be placed on hooks in the office, warehouse or at home
  • The EasyShred bag features a strong handle for easy and safe carrying and handling by you as well as our Couriers

If you would like to order this product you can do one of the following:

If you have a CourierPost account please order the product online.

If you do not have an account with CourierPost contact us or ask your local CourierPost courier for the item or call 0800 COURIER.